When are the services?
Sunday morning service is from 11:00am to 12:15pm. Communion is celebrated every first Sunday of the month. 

What are worship services like?
Our worship services are Christian based, but all people are welcome. We read from the Bible, sing songs from many different cultures, and sometimes in different languages. We also have a time in which we a hear sermon. Our congregation is made up of people from different worshiping traditions, and we invite everyone to worship in their own expression. We also invite our congregation to worship in different Christian practices if they wish to partake. 

What do I wear?
Some people will be dressed casually, and others will be more dressed up. What you wear is not important. We are just glad you decided to come. 

Are my kids welcome?
We have a relaxed worshiping environment to be hospitable to children and infants. Every school year, we offer a Sunday School program during the sermon, which is educationally designed for kids in grades one through six.