Walnut Avenue Presbyterian Church

      Westminster Presbyterian Church

On September 12, 1898, the Walnut Avenue Presbyterian Church came to fruition out of the need for a Presbyterian Church in Trenton.  Hampton W. Cook gave the site at Walnut and Walters Avenue where the church would be built. Rev. Isaac M. Patterson was the first pastor to be installed there.

Due to continued growth, in 1918, the church building would be relocated to what is now the current location at 1140 Greenwood Avenue. It was at this time the church was renamed Westminster Presbyterian Church.

Under the direction of Rev. William M. Boaz from 1929 to 1959, the church membership increased greatly, creating the need for a new building. The large multi-purpose room known as Cook Hall was the first new structure to be completed in 1952. In 1958, a new sanctuary was completed and dedicated.

In early 1960, Westminster merged with Faith Presbyterian Church, The completion of the current building happened 1964 with the addition of an educational building.   

Westminster Presbyterian Church 2014

As Trenton’s demographic began to change, Westminster had to make a decision, as a predominantly white congregation, whether to move out of Trenton or to adapt to its new surroundings. Fortunately, Westminster remained in Trenton, continuing to be an active role in the life of the surrounding communities.  

Westminster opened its doors to a Hispanic church, Iglesia Manantial de Oración, a Spanish speaking church that meets on Sunday evenings at Westminster.

In 1995, Rev. Karen Hernández-Granzen was installed as pastor and she is still the pastor today. At that time, many people foresaw the closing of the church to be imminent, but with Rev. Karen Hernández-Granzen’s leadership and the churches new intentionality for a multi-cultural worshiping community, Westminster has grown.